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Pastured CHICKEN


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~Yes! Our feed is GMO-FREE!


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Tenders (Chicken)
Available: 3
PET FOOD Supplement
Pint (1 lb) ($8.00) [9 avail]
Quart (2 lbs) ($15.00) [7 avail]
  5 lb Bag (Sold Out)
Chicken Sausage (Available in 3 flavors!)
  HOT (Sold Out)
  Herbal Delight (Sold Out)
  Chili Lime (Sold Out)
Available: 5
Wings (Chicken)
  HOT WINGS: 10-14 drumettes/wingettes seasoned HOT (Sold Out)
  CHILI LIME (10-14 drumettes/wingettes seasoned with Chili Lime spices) (Sold Out)
SMALL (6-8 whole wings) ($8.00) [3 avail]
  PARTY PACK (18-24 whole wings) (Sold Out)
Whole Chicken
Available: 5
Livers (Chicken)
Available: 2
Feet (Chicken)
Available: 2
Hearts (Chicken)
Available: 2
Necks (Chicken)
Available: 2
Tails (Chicken)
Available: 3
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