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Pork Pak (20 lbs)
Available: 1
Chicken Grill Packs!
  Small (3-ish lbs) (Sold Out)
  Med (8-ish lbs) (Sold Out)
  Large (15-ish lbs) (Sold Out)
NY Strip Bundles
  2 Steak Bundle (Sold Out)
  4 Steak Bundle (Sold Out)
  6 Steak Bundle (Sold Out)
Ground BEEF Packages
5 pk Sampler ($40.00) [7 avail]
10 pk Sampler ($75.00) [3 avail]
  25 pk Sampler (Sold Out)
Ground PORK Packages
  5 packs (Sold Out)
  10 packs (Sold Out)
  25 packs (Sold Out)
WHF Gift Certificate
$25 ($25.00)
$50 ($50.00)
$100 ($100.00)
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